Go to the ${DISPERSE_SRC}/build directory and type:
cmake ../

This will check the configuration and generate the Makefile. Read the output to know which library were found, which were not, and how to specify their path (option -DLIBNAME_DIR=path/to/library/ where {LIBNAME} may be QT,GSL,SDL,MATHGL or CGAL).
The default install path is "${DISPERSE_SRC}", but it can be changed using option -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=PATH/TO/INSTALL/DIR.
Then just compile and install with:

make install -j N

where N is the number of processors to be used for compilation. One to seven executables should be created in ${DISPERSE_SRC}/bin (or ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin if set), depending on which libraries were found: