fieldconv is used to display information about field format files encoding regular grid or point set coordinates, and convert them to other formats. Run fieldconv without argument to see a list of available input and output formats.


 fieldconv <filename> 
           [-outName <output filename>] [-outDir <dir>]
           [-info] [-to <format>]

  • <filename>:
    • The name of a file containing a regular grid or point set coordinates in a readable field format.

  • -outName <fname>:
    • Specifies the base name of the output file (extensions are added to this base name depending on the output type).
      Default value: the name of the input file.

  • -outDir <dir>:
    • Specifies the output directory.
      Default value: the current working directory.

  • -info:
    • Prints information on the input file.

  • -to <format>:
    • Outputs a file in the selected writable field format. A list of possible parameter values can be obtained by running fieldconv without any argument.