pdview is used to interactively select the persistence threshold with the help of a persistence diagram. A persistence diagram is a 2D plot in which all the persistence pairs are represented by points with coordinates the value at the critical points in the pair (see this section for more info). In pdview, we rather represent the value of the lower critical index on the x axis and the absolute difference in value between the two critical points on the y axis (i.e. the persistence of the pair). The diagram is computed from a network file encoding the persistence pairs as output by mse filename -ppairs. Press the button labeled ? in pdview for more information on how to use it.


 pdview <filename> [-dtfe] [-nsig <val>] [-cut <val>]

  • -dtfe:
    • Use this option if the persistence pairs were computed from a network estimated through DTFE (i.e. the output of delaunay_nD).

  • -nsig <val>:
    • Sets a default persistence threshold ratio expressed in N-sigmas (see option -nsig in mse).

  • -cut <val>:
    • Sets a default persistence threshold (see option -cut in mse).