Welcome to my home page

Here you can find some of the open source codes I had the pleasure to develop during my researches at IAP and the University of Tokyo (most recent first):
  • DICE / ColDICE: A C++ template library (DICE) implementing among other things an auto-refining distributed unstructured mesh as well as a 6D phase-space collision-less fluid dynamics solver based on it (ColDICE), specialised in solving Vlasov-Poisson equation applied to Cold dark matter. The code is fully MPI + OpenMP parallel.

  • Vlasolve: A 3D phase space spherically symmetric Vlasov-Poisson solver over a uniform grid. The code is fully parallel (MPI+OpenMP) and implements distributed 3D spline interpolation.

  • DisPerSE: A versatile software for the automatic identification of 2D and 3D structures (in particular filaments) in presence of noise.

  • NPCF: A simple program to compute approximate 2-point and 3-point correlation functions of point sets using a double/triple tree walk algorithm.

Contact: tsousbie(AT)