DICE/ColDICE: Collision-less fluid dynamics in 6D.

This package implements a C++ template library (DICE) designed to solve collision-less fluid dynamics in 6D phase space using hybrid OpenMP / MPI parallelization as well as a VLASOV-POISSON solver for cold dark matter dynamics (ColDICE) based on that library. In particular, the following features are implemented so far:
  • An MPI distributed unstructured simplicial mesh that can be dynamically refined and coarsened and supporting many additional features (e.g. dynamic load balancing, serialization, multi-threaded iterators, Peano-Hilbert ordering, high order quadratures, ...)
  • A structured AMR (Adaptive mesh refinement) grid.
  • An exact AMR grid raytracer.
  • A method to project exactly (i.e. without resorting to random sampling) a function defined over the MPI-distributed mesh onto a structured (AMR) grid.
  • A MPI/OpenMP fourier space FFT solver.
  • MPI distributed regular grids with support for complex iterators, various interpolation kernels and high order quadratures.
  • Many other things ...

Find more information on DICE and ColDICE by reading this scientific article submitted to JCP.

A package containing DICE and ColDICE can be downloaded from the VLASIX project website.

Contact: tsousbie(AT)