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transpose(x)              transpose the 2-D array x
transpose(x, permutation) general transpose

The permutation is a comma delimited list of cyclic permutations to be applied to the indices of x. Each cyclic permutation may be:

a list of dimension numbers [n1,n2,...,nN]
to move dimension number n1 (the first dimension is number 1, the second number 2, and so on) to dimension number n2 , n2 to n3, and so on, until finally nN is moved to n1 .
a scalar integer n
to move dimension number 1 to dimension number n, 2 to n+1, and so on, cyclically permuting all of the indices of x.

In either case, n or nI can be non-positive to refer to indices relative to the final dimension of x. That is, 0 refers to the final dimension of x, -1 to the next to last dimension, and so on. Thus, transpose(x, [1,0]) swaps the first and last dimensions of x.