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packages in directory i0

compiled or interpreted packages present on startup
drat Yorick interface definitions for Drat transport equation solver.
fft Yorick interface to Swarztrauber FFT routines, modified for strides.
graph Declarations of Yorick graphics functions.
hex Yorick interface definitions for hex transport equation solver.
matrix Yorick interface to LAPACK matrix solving routines.
paths When Yorick starts, it must be able to find several standard include
files which initialize the interpreter. The default paths to these
files are established when Yorick is compiled (see the Maketmpl and
Makefile files in the Yorick distribution). However, if the Yorick
binary is moved to a new site, the absolute path names of these
required i0 files may change. By editing this file and placing it
in the same directory as the Yorick executable file, you can adjust for
such path name changes, which makes it possible to port Yorick binaries.
std Declarations of standard Yorick functions.
The Codger automatic code generator program uses this file to
generate appropriate C code to initialize the various built-in
functions declared here.
This file is also used as online documentation for these functions
by Yorick's help mechanism.

packages in directory i

yorick interpreted packages not loaded by default
to use them, #include "package.i"
basfix fix PDB binary file interface for use with Basis interpreter
bessel integer order Bessel functions
Functions: bessj, bessy, bessi, bessk
bowtie detect and map bowties in 2D mesh
Functions: bowtie, nbow
button implement mouse pushbuttons in a Yorick graphics window
(see rezone.i for usage examples)
Functions: Button, button_plot, button_test, button_build
cheby Chebyshev polynomial approximation
Functions: cheby_fit, cheby_eval, cheby_integ, cheby_deriv
color palette adjustment, HSV<->RGB transforms
(study split_palette, split_bytscl in slice3.i for more
color table ideas)
Functions: brighten, to_hsv, to_rgb, dump_palette
convol convolution using fft
Functions: convol, fft_good
copyb copy a binary file
Function: copyb
dawson Dawson's integral and error functions
Functions: dawson, erf, erfc
demo1 a simple 1-D hydro code
Functions: demo1, evolve (read the file for more)
demo2 fancy movies of a drumhead oscillating
(solves 2D wave equation on the fly)
Functions: demo2
demo3 movie of a chaotic pendulum (way cool)
(does Runge-Kutta integration of Lagrangian on the fly)
Functions: demo3
demo4 movie of flow around an airfoil
(solves for flow field on the fly)
Functions: demo4
demo5 interpreted 3-D graphics, demonstrating plwf, slice3
Function: demo5
digit2 2D equivalents for digitize and interp
Functions: digit2, interp2
ellipse complete elliptic integrals
Functions: EllipticE, EllipticK
elliptic more elliptic functions
Functions: elliptic, ell_am, ell_f, ell_e, dn_, ellip_k, ellip_e
filter analog signal processing
Functions: filter, fil_bessel, fil_butter, fil_cheby1, fil_cheby2, fil_cauer, etc
fitlsq least squares fit a piecewise linear function to data
Function: fitlsq
fitrat rational function and polynomial fits
Functions: fitrat, fitpol
fits read and write FITS files (IAU astronomical data)
Functions: fitsRead, fitsWrite, etc
gamma gamma function and relatives
Functions: ln_gamma, beta, bico (binomial coefficients), erfc
gcd GCD, LCM, prime factorization
Functions: gcd, lcm, is_prime, factorize
hydra access hydra-generated Silo-PDB files
kepler solar system models
Functions: kepler, kepler2, moon, solar_system
legndr Legendre polynomials, associated Legendre functions
Function: legndr
make automatic Makefile generator for custom version of Yorick
Function: make
mkdoc extract and alphabetize DOCUMENT comments from include files
Function: mkdoc
movie assistance for animation (see demo2.i and demo3.i)
Functions: movie, movie_stats
msort multiple key sorting functions
Functions: msort, msort_rank
multi multiple file extension to drat package
netcdf read and write netcdf binary files
Functions: nc_open, nc_create, nc_vardef, nc_enddef, nc_addrec
(if you only need to read a netcdf file, just use openb
-- netcdf.i will be included automatically)
pixels crude attempt to force Yorick to plot cell arrays at
one cell per X window pixel
Functions: pixels, pix_window
pl3d first cut at 3-D graphics command line interface,
defines common lighting, rotation and perspective
transforms, gnomon (axis orientation indicator)
plwf.i, slice3.i, and demo5.i contain usage examples
Functions: rot3, light3, aim3, draw3, gnomon, etc
plato regular Platonic solids
Functions: plato, pt_tet, pt_cube, pt_oct, pt_dodec, pt_ico, bucky
plclab label contour levels with numeric values
Function: plc_label
plwf 3-D wire frame plots (painter's algorithm)
Function: plwf
pnm read and write PBM, PGM, and PBM files made by the
pbmplus or netpbm packages
Functions: pnm_read, pnm_write, etc
prefix read lists of numbers tagged by a "prefix" at the
beginning of each line
Functions: prefix_find, prefix_read, prefix_write
random gaussian deviates, arbitrary piecewise linear deviates,
rejection method, more
Functions: random_x, random_n, random_ipq, random_rej, ...
rays ray manipulation for drat package
rezone point-and-click rezoner for quadrilateral meshes
Function: rezone, toy_mesh
rkutta Runge-Kutta and Bulirsch-Stoer ODE integrators
Functions: rkutta, rk_integrate, bstoer, bs_integrate, rkdumb
romberg Romberg and Simpson adaptive integrators
Functions: romberg, simpson
roots Newton-Raphson root and inverse, Brent maxima and minima
Functions: nraphson, f_inverse, mnbrent, mxbrent
series geometric series solvers
Functions: series_s (sum a series), series_r (find ratio given
sum and number of terms), series_n (find number of
terms given sum and ratio)
silo open Silo/PDB files
Functions: silo_open, silo_cd, silo_ls, silo_var, silo_close
slice3 3-D mesh slicing functions, plus plotting functions
Functions: mesh3, slice3, slice2, pl3tree, split_palette, etc
spline cubic spline and tensioned spline interpolation
Functions: spline, tspline
string String manipulation, other utilities
Functions: strtrim, strtolower, getdate, reform, scalar, ...
style low level peek and poke into graphics style sheets
Functions: get_style, set_style, read_style, write_style
sysafe Replacement for system function (but not $ syntax)
Functions: sysafe, system
test1 shock tracker test, poorly vectorizing
test2 radiation escape factor calculation, highly vectorizing
test3 scalar arithmetic performance test
testb binary file I/O tests
testg a few graphics tests (grtest is a crude tutorial)
Functions: testg, lissajous, grtest
testlp rough Yorick version of Linpack benchmark
Function: testlp
testm matrix and fft tests
testp reasonably complete Yorick test suite, except graphics
Just include it and the tests run immediately, includes:
testb, test1, test2, test3
txpath replacement for old (before 1.5) meaning of text path= keyword
Function: rotext
ylmdec spherical harmonic decomposition sketch for hex package
zroots find roots of polynomial
Function: zroots

packages in directory contrib