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Information About Variables

print, var1, var2, ... print the values of the varI
info, var print a description of var
dimsof(x) returns [#dimensions, length1, length2, ...]
orgsof(x) returns [#dimensions, origin1, origin2, ...]
numberof(x) returns number of elements (product of dimsof)
typeof(x) returns name of data type of x
structof(x) returns data type of x
is_array(x ) returns 1 if x is an array, else 0
is_func(x) returns 1 or 2 if x is an function, else 0
is_void(x ) returns 1 if x is nil, else 0
is_range(x) returns 1 if x is an index range, else 0
is_stream(x) returns 1 if x is a binary file, else 0
am_subroutine() 1 if current function invoked as subroutine

The print function returns a string array of one string per line if it is invoked as a function. Using print on files, bookmarks, and other objects usually produces some sort of useful description. Also, print is the default function, so that expr is equivalent to print, expr (if expr is not a function).