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"Origin and Evolution of Galaxies"
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Key issues

The current knowledge on the formation and evolution of galaxies raises a large number of questions, to which the scientists in the group are attempting to answer using observations and theoretical modelling:
  • Have the proprerties of galaxies been acquired very early-on or at later times ?
  • What is the nature of the energetic phenomena such as active nuclei and radio emission within galaxies ? Which links can be established with the formation and evolution of central massive black holes ? What is the relationship between these phenomena and the stellar formation in galaxies ?
  • Are the properties of nearby galaxies observed in the UV and visible transposable to the properties of distant galaxies in the IR, and at sub-millimeter and millimeter wavalenths ? What are the implications on the determination of the age and evolution of these differents objets ?
  • Which types of galaxies are detected preferentially at mid-IR, far-IR, and sub-millimeter wavelenths, and what has been the contribution of these galaxies to the history of star formation ?
  • What is the impact of physical processes such as conduction and magnetic fields onto the evolution of galaxy properties ?

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    Image : D1 Deep Field from the Legacy Survey of the Canada-France-Hawaï Telescope (CFHTLS)
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