Research Group
"Origin and Evolution of Galaxies"
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Financial support

In complement of basic support from CNRS and the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, of which IAP is a joint research unit, members in the group benefit from various national funding programs:
  • Programme National Cosmologie et Galaxies (PNCG)
  • Programme National Physique Stellaire (PNPS)
  • CNES support to observing programmes using Hubble Space Telescope, FUSE, GALEX, Spitzer, XMM-Newton, Herschel
  • The scientists in the group also use funding from international programmes, of which they are responsible:
  • PICS France-Australia
  • PICS France-Armenia
  • Bilateral programmes France-Israël and France-Mexico
  • or to which they participate:
  • Bilateral programmes France-China and France-India
  • European Networks POE et MaGPoP (Marie-Curie)
  • Multi-Formation Programme on "Active Galactic Nuclei"

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    Image : D1 Deep Field from the Legacy Survey of the Canada-France-Hawaï Telescope (CFHTLS)
    TERAPIX Data Processing Center (CNRS/INSU - IAP - CEA)