A simple ASCII version of the NDfield format used to represent either uniform grids or particles coordinates. Data type is always interpreted as double precision floating point.

NDfield_ascii format
ANDFIELD COORDSheader (COORDS keyword is optional, if present, values are interpreted as coordinates, or else, as pixel values)
[N_1 ... N_ndims]size of the grid along each of the ndims dimensions (in pixels) or number of dimensions and number of particles if COORDS keyword is in the header (= [ndims,nparticles])
BBOX [X0_1 ... X0_ndims] [delta_1 ... delta_ndims]OPTIONAL: bounding box definition (origin and extent)
V_1 V_2 values (any number of values can be on the same line)
V_3 no particular formating is required
... Repeat enough time to define a number of values equal to the number of pixels or the number of particles (if COORDS keyword is in the header)