This ASCII format is a simpler version of the NDnet format, designed to be fully compatible but restricted to simplicial networks. It is easy to read and write and should probably be used for reasonably sized data sets.

Note: The scalar function whose MS-complex is computed by mse can be stored as an additional data field named 'field_value' (case sensitive).

NDnet_ascii format
ANDNET header
ndims the number of dimensions
#comments go here OPTIONAL: should start with '#' if present (the 80 first characters are read and stored).
BBOX [x0_1 .. x0_d] [delta_1 .. delta_d] OPTIONAL: the bounding box, defined by the 'ndims' coordinates of the origin 'x0' and extent 'delta'.
nv number of vertices
vx[0] vy[0] ... the ndims coordinates of the first vertex
... One line for each vertex
Simplices definition (0-cells up to ndims-cells). One blue block should be added for each type of explicitly defined simplex. Note that only the highest dimension cells are sufficient to define a complex.
T N network has N T-simplices (each T-simplex has (T+1) vertices).
i[0] j[0] ... the T+1 indices (start at 0) of the vertices of the first T-simplex.
... one line for each of the N T-simplices
[ADDITIONAL_DATA] OPTIONAL: indicate the beginning of the additional data section
additional_data_name_1 name of the additional data (e.g. field_value for mse input files)
T type of simplex it is associated to (T-simplex, 0 means vertices)
val[0] value for the first T-simplex
... One line for each T-simplex