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Array Data Types

The basic data types are:

char      one 8-bit byte, from 0 to 255
short     compact integer, at least 2 bytes
int       logical results- 0 false, 1 true, at least 2 bytes
long      default integer- at least 4 bytes
float     at least 5 digits, 10±38
double    default real- 14 or 15 digits, usually 10±308
complex   re and im parts are double
string    0-terminated text string
pointer   pointer to an array

A compound data type compound_type can be built from any combination of basic or previously defined data types as follows:

struct compound_type {
type_name_A memb_name_1 ;
type_name_B memb_name_2(dimlist) ;
type_name_C memb_name_3,memb_name_4(dimlist);

A dimlist is a comma delimited list of dimension lengths, or lists in the format returned by the dimsof function, or ranges of the form  min_index:max_index. (By default,  min_index is 1.)

For example, the complex data type is predefined as:  struct complex { double re, im; }