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3.6.2 plq and pledit

Any time you want to see your legends, you can type:


For any plotting primitive you have issued, you can find all its keyword values by specifying its index in the plq list (the basic plq command prints this index):

plq, 3

For the plc command, each contour level is a polyline; you can find out about each individual level by adding a second index argument to plq.

You can also invoke plq as a function in order to return representations of the current display list elements for use by a Yorick program.

Just as plq allows you query the current display list, pledit allows you to edit it. You specify an index as in the plq command (or two indices for a specific contour level), then one or more keywords that you want to change. This is occasionally useful for changing a line type or width. One could build a more user friendly interface combining plq and pledit with some sort of menu or dialogue.