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3.5 Graphics style

Yorick formats each page of graphics output according to a model regulated by several dozen numeric parameters. Most of these change seldom -- you tend to find a graphics style that suits you, then stick with it for many plots. Yorick demotes the stylistic parameters to a lower rank; they are intentionally harder to access and change than more urgent items like plot limits or log scaling. (The gridxy function is an exception -- it changes the stylistic parameters that determine how Yorick draws ticks, but has a relatively simple interface.)

Designing a new graphics style requires patience, hard work, and multiple iterations. Use the `*.gs' files which come with the Yorick distribution (installed in Y_SITE+"gist") as examples and starting points for your own designs. The following sections should help you to understand the meaning of the various style parameters, but I am not going to attempt to lead you through an actual design. Yorick's predefined graphics styles usually suffice.

3.5.1 Style keyword  Accessing predefined graphics styles.
3.5.2 `style.i' functions  Bypassing predefined graphics styles.
3.5.3 Coordinate systems  Multiple coordinate systems.
3.5.4 Ticks and labels  How to change them.