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3.2 Plot limits and relatives

A sequence of plotting primitives only partly determines your picture. You will often want to specify the plot limits -- the range x and y values you want to see. You may also want log-log or semi-log scales instead of linear scales, or grid lines that extend all the way across your graph instead of just tick marks around the edges. Finally, you need to be able to specify the color palette used for pseudocoloring any plf, pli, or plfp primitives.

The limits, logxy, gridxy, and palette functions are the interface routines you need. If you are really fussy, you can also control the appearance of your picture in much more detail -- for example, the thickness of the tick marks, the font of the labels, or the size and shape of the plotting region. The section on graphics styles explains how to take complete control over the appearance of your graphics. This section sticks with the functions you are likely to use frequently and interactively.

3.2.1 limits  Set plot limits.
3.2.2 logxy  Set log axis scaling.
3.2.3 gridxy  Set grid lines.
3.2.4 palette  Set color palette.
3.2.5 Color model  More about color.