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3.1 Primitive plotting functions

Yorick features nine primitive plotting commands: plg plots polylines or polymarkers, pldj plots disjoint line segments, plm, plc, and plf plot mesh lines, contours, and filled (colored) meshes, respectively, for quadrilateral meshes, pli plots images, plfp plots filled polygons, plv plots vector darts, and plt plots text strings. You can write additional plotting functions by combining these primitives.

3.1.1 plg  Plot graph.
3.1.2 pldj  Plot disjoint lines.
3.1.3 plm  Plot quadrilateral mesh.
3.1.4 plc  Plot contours.
3.1.5 plf  Plot filled quadrilateral mesh.
3.1.6 pli  Plot image.
3.1.7 plfp  Plot filled polygons.
3.1.8 plv  Plot vectors.
3.1.9 plt  Plot text.