Publications and Conferences

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Articles in preparation

  • Guillard, P., Appleton, P.N. ; Ayasso, H. ; Boulanger, F. ; Natale, G. ; Falgarone, E. ; Pineau des Forêts, G. ; Cluver, M. ; Lisenfeld, U. ; Ogle, P. ; Duc, P.-A. ; Xu, C. K. ; Popescu, C. ; Tuffs, R., Herschel SPIRE observations of dust in the Stephan’s Quintet high-speed galaxy-wide shock, A&A
  • Guillard,P., Ogle,P..; Appleton,P.N.; Antonucci,R., Emonts,B.; Morganti,R.; Lesaffre,P., Infrared signatures of turbulent dissipation in AGN : Herschel observations of radio-galaxies with outflows, ApJ
  • Guillard, P., Lehnert, M., Boulanger, F., Pineau des Forêts, G., Falgarone, E., Mivilles-Deschênes, M.- A., Is turbulence a source of broad lines in galaxies and AGN ?, A&A

Published Articles

  • T. Bitsakis, D. Dultzin, L. Ciesla, T. Diaz-Santos, P. Appleton,V. Charmandaris, Y. Krongold, P. Guillard, K. Alatalo, A. Zezas, J. Gonzalez, Studying the evolution of galaxies in compact groups over the past 3 Gyr – II. The importance of environment in the suppression of star formation, 2016, MNRAS, in press
  • Gullberg, B.; Lehnert, M. D.; De Breuck, C.; Branchu, S.; Dannerbauer, H.; Drouant, G.; Emonts, B.; Guillard, P.; Hatch, N.; Nesvadba, N. P. H et al. , ALMA Finds New Drops in the Dusty Spider’s Web, 2016, ApJ in press, 2016arXiv160204823G
  • Alatalo, Appleton, Lisenfeld, Bitsakis, Lanz, Guillard, Lacy, Charmandaris, Cluver, Dopita et al., Star Formation Suppression in Compact Group Galaxies: a new path to quenching?, 2015, ApJ, 812, 117A
  • Appleton, Lanz, Bitsakis, Wang, Peterson, Lisenfeld, Alatalo, Guillard, Boulanger, Cluver, Gao, Helou, Ogle, Struck, X-Ray Emission from the Taffy (VV254) Galaxies and Bridge, 2015, ApJ 812, 118A
  • Bouchet, P., Garcia-Marin, M, Lagage, P.-O., Amiaux, J., Auguères, J.-L., Bauwens, E., Blommaert, J. A. D. L., Chen, C. H., Detre, O. H., Dicken, D., Guillard, P., et al., The Mid-Infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope, III MIRIM, the MIRI Imager, 2015 PASP, 127, 612
  • Beirao, P., Armus, L., Lehnert, M., Guillard, P., Hollenbach, D., Heckman, T., et al. Spatially resolved Spitzer- IRS spectral maps of the superwind in M82, 2015 MNRAS, 451, 2640
  • Lanz, L., Ogle, P., Evans, D., Appleton, P., Guillard P., Emonts, J., Jet-ISM interaction in the radio-galaxy 3C 293: jet-driven shocks heat ISM to power X-ray and H2 emission, 2015, ApJ, 801, 17L
  • Guillard, P., Boulanger, F., Lehnert, M., Pineau des Forêts, G., Falgarone, E., Combes, F., Exceptional AGN-driven turbulence inhibits star formation in the 3C 326 radio-galaxy, 2015, A&A, 574, A32
  • Alatalo,K., Appleton, P., Guillard,P., Lisenfeld,U., Freeland, E., Bitsakis,T., Cluver,M., Charmandaris, V., et al. Strong Far-infrared cooling lines, Peculiar CO kinematics and possible star-formation supression in HCG 57, 2014 ApJ, 795, 159A.
  • Lisenfeld, U., Appleton, P., Guillard, P., Cluver, M., Alatalo, K., Ogle, P, CO in Hickson Compact Group galaxies with enhanced H2 emission: Evidence for galaxy evolution ?, 2014 A&A, 570A, 24L
  • Rhoads, J., Malhotra, S., Carilli, C., Combes, F., Finkelstein, K., Finkelstein, S., Frye, B., Gerin, M., Guillard, P., Nesvadba, N., Rigby, J., Spaans, M., Strauss, M., Herschel Extreme Lensing Line Obser- vations : Dynamics of two strongly lensed star forming galaxies near redshift z = 2, 2014, ApJ, 787, 8R.
  • Konstantopoulos,I.S.;Appleton,P.N.;Guillard,P.;Trancho,G.;Cluver,M.E.;Bastian,N.;Charl- ton, J. C. ; Fedotov, K. ; Gallagher, S. C. ; Smith, L. J. ; Struck, C. J., Shocks and Star Formation in Stephan’s Quintet. I. Gemini Spectroscopy of Halpha-bright knots, 2014, ApJ, 784, 1.
  • Appleton, P.N. ; Guillard, P., Boulanger, F. ; Cluver, M. ; Ogle, P., Duc, P.-A. ; Pineau des Forêts, G. ; Falgarone, E., Turbulence-enhanced C+ emission and detection of H2O from Stephan Quintet group-wide shock using Herschel, 2013, ApJ, 777, 66A.
  • Cluver, M. E. ; Appleton, P. N. ; Ogle, P. ; Jarrett, T. H. ; Rasmussen, J. ; Lisenfeld, U. ; Guillard, P. ; Verdes-Montenegro, L. ; Antonucci, R. ; Bitsakis, T. et al., Enhanced Warm H2 Emission in the Compact Group Mid-infrared "Green Valley", 2013, ApJ, 765, 93C.
  • Lesaffre, P.; Pineau des Forêts, G.; Godard,B.; Guillard,P.; Boulanger, F.;Falgarone,E., Low velocity shocks : signatures of turbulent dissipation in diffuse irradiated gas, 2013, A&A 550A, 106L.
  • Guillard,P.; Ogle,P.; Emonts,B.;Appleton,P.N.; Morganti,R.; Tadhunter,C.; Oosterloo,T.;Evans, D. A. ; Antonucci, R., Strong molecular hydrogen emission and kinematics of the multiphase gas in radio galaxies with fast jet-driven outflows, 2012, ApJ, 747, 95.
  • Guillard, P., Boulanger, F. ; Gusdorf, A. ; Cluver, M., Appleton, P.N., Pineau des Forêts, G., Lisenfeld, U. ; Ogle, P. ; Duc, P.-A. ; Falgarone, E. ; Xu, C. K., Turbulent CO gas and star formation in the shocked intergalactic medium of Stephan’s Quintet, 2012, ApJ, 749, 158.
  • Peterson, B. W. ; Appleton, P. N. ; Guillard, P. ; Helou, G. ; Jarrett, T. H. ; Cluver, M. E. ; Ogle, P. ; Struck, C. & Boulanger, F., Detection of powerful mid-IR H2 emission in the Taffy Galaxies, 2012, ApJ, 751, 11.
  • Nesvadba, N. P. H. ; Boulanger, F. ; Lehnert, M. D. ; Guillard, P. ; Salome, P., Dense gas without star formation : the kpc-sized turbulent molecular disk in 3C 326 N, 2011, A&A, 536, L5.
  • Ogle, P. ; Boulanger, F. ; Guillard, P. ; Evans, D. A. ; Antonucci, R. ; Appleton, P. N. ; Nesvadba, N ; Leipski, C., Jet-Powered Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Radio Galaxies, 2010, ApJ, 724, 1193.
  • Guillard, P. ; Rodet, T. ; Ronayette, S. ; Amiaux, J. ; Abergel, A. ; Moreau, V. ; Augueres, J. L. ; Bensa- lem, A. ; Orduna, T. ; Nehmé, C. et al., Optical performance of the JWST/MIRI flight model : characterization of the point spread function at high resolution, 2010, SPIE 7331, 13
  • Ronayette, S.; Cavarroc, C.; Kendrew, S.; Amiaux, J.; Auguères, J.-L.; Bouzat, M.; Guillard, P.; Moreau, V. ; Pantin, E. ; Bouchet, P., Performance verification of the MIRI imager flight model at CEA, 2010, SPIE 7731, 117.
  • Nesvadba, N. P. H. ; Boulanger, F. ; Salomé, P. ; Guillard, P. ; Lehnert, M. D. ; Ogle, P. ; Appleton, P. ; Falgarone, E. ; Pineau Des Forets, G., Energetics of the molecular gas in the H2 luminous radio galaxy 3C 326 : Evidence for negative AGN feedback, 2010, A&A, 521, A65.
  • Guillard, P., Boulanger, Cluver, M., Appleton, P.N., Pineau des Forêts, G., Ogle, P., Observations and modeling of the dust emission from the H2-bright galaxy-wide shock in Stephan’s Quintet, 2010, A&A, 518, A59.
  • Cluver,M.E.;Appleton,P.N.;Boulanger,F.;Guillard,P.;Ogle,P.;Duc,P.-A.;Lu,N.;Rasmussen, J. ; Reach, W. T. ; Smith, J. D. et al., Powerful H2 Line Cooling in Stephan’s Quintet. I. Mapping the Significant Cooling Pathways in Group-wide Shocks, 2010 ApJ 710, 248.
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  • Guillard, P.; Boulanger, F.; Lehnert, M. D.; Appleton, P. N.; Pineau des Forêts, G., Warm molecular Hydrogen at high redshift with the James Webb Space Telescope, 2015, SF2A Proceedings, 2015sf2a.conf...81G
  • Herrera, C. , Boulanger, F., Falgarone, E., Pineau des Forêts, G., Garcia-Burillo, S., Iono, D., Guillard, P., The ALMA view of the Antennae galaxy collision, 2015, IAUGA, 2252180
  • Appleton, Alatalo, Lisenfeld, Bitsakis, Guillard, Charmandaris, Cluver, Dopita, Freeland, A Herschel and CARMA synergistic study of turbulent gas in Hickson Compact Groups, 2015, AAS, 22514318A
  • Guillard,P.;Nesvadba,N.;Ogle,P.;Lehnert,M.;Boulanger,F.;Appleton,P.;Pineau des Forêts,G., Extreme [C II] line cooling in radio-galaxies : a signature of turbulent dissipation in active galactic nuclei ? 2013, SF2A, 541G.
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Technical reports for JWST/MIRI instrument

  • Ronayette, S., Guillard, P., Cavarroc, C., Kendrew, S., Amiaux, J., Auguères, J.-L., MIRIM FM Optical
    Tests Results, Nov. 23rd 2011, Reference : MIRI-RP-00919-CEA
  • Ronayette,S.,Guillard,P.,Pantin,E.,Cavarroc,C.,Amiaux,J.ETMOpticalResults,2008,Reference:
  • Guillard,P.&Augueres,J.L.,ImageQualityAnalysisoftheJWSTMIRIImager:FirstColdTestsdone
    at CEA Saclay, Dec. 2007, 2008, Reference : MIRI-TN-00743-IAS
  • Guillard, P., Rodet, T. & Augueres, J.L., Image Quality Analysis of the JWST MIRI Imager : High-
    Resolution PSF Analysis : Microscanning Test, 2008, Reference : MIRI-TN-00853-IAS
  • Guillard, P. & Augueres, J.L., Image Quality Analysis of the JWST MIRI Imager : Focus and FOV
    Exploration with a Point Source Tests, 2008, Reference : MIRI-TN-00867-IAS

Technical reports for EUCLID

  • Boucault, A., Guillard, P., Dole, . et al., Spatial variations of the VIS and NIR PSFs across the field of view, in prep.