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3.10 3D graphics interfaces

You can combine Yorick's graphical primitives to create your own graphics interfaces. The Yorick distribution includes a simple 3D graphics interface built in just this way. Study the `pl3d.i' library file if you need an example of how to do this.

Before you can access the 3D functions, you need to include either `plwf.i' or `slice3.i', which provide the highest level 3D interfaces. The `plwf.i' interface lets you plot scalar functions of two variables (like plc or plf). The `slice3.i' interface allows you to plot isosurfaces and slices of scalar functions of three variables. The `demo5.i' demonstration program in the Yorick distribution has examples of both; study it to see how they work in detail.

3.10.1 Coordinate mapping  Changing your viewpoint.
3.10.2 Lighting  The 3D lighting model.
3.10.3 gnomon  Gnomon indicates axis orientation.
3.10.4 plwf interface  The plot wire frame interface.
3.10.5 slice3 interface  The slice and isosurface interface.