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1.3.5 Prompts

Yorick occasionally prompts you with something other than >. The usual > prompt tells you that Yorick is waiting for a new input line. The other prompts alert you to unusual situations:

The previous input line was not complete; Yorick is waiting for its continuation before it does anything. Type several close brackets or control-C if you don't want to complete the line.
When an error occurs during the execution of a Yorick program, Yorick offers you the choice of entering "debug mode". In this mode, you are "inside" the function where the error occurred. You can type any Yorick statement you wish, but until you explicitly exit from debug mode by means of the dbexit function, Yorick will prompt you with dbug> instead of its usual prompt. (see section How to respond to a runtime error)
It is possible to continue a long string constant across multiple lines. If you do, this will be your prompt until you type the closing ". Don't ever do this intentionally; use the string concatenation operator + instead, and break long strings into pieces that will fit on a single line.
For some reason, you began a comment on the previous line, and Yorick is waiting for the */ to finish the comment. I can't imagine why you would put comments in what you were typing at the terminal.