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You can specify a complete path name (including directories) for the file in an #include directive. More usually, you will use a relative path name. In that case, Yorick tries to find the file relative to these four directories, in this order:

  1. Your current working directory.
  2. `~/Yorick', that is, the `Yorick' subdirectory of your home directory.
  3. `Y_SITE/include', where `Y_SITE' is the directory where Yorick was installed at your site (help will tell you where this is).
  4. `Y_SITE/contrib'

You can use the set_path command in your `custom.i' file in order to change this path, but you should be very cautious if you do this.

The `~/Yorick' directory is where you put all of the Yorick include files you frequently use, which have not been placed in the include or contrib directories at your site. You can also override an include file in one of these places by placing a file of the same name in your `~/Yorick' directory.