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struct GaAxisStyle {  
  double nMajor, nMinor, logAdjMajor, logAdjMinor;  
  int nDigits, gridLevel;  
  int flags;    /* 0x001 ticks on lower edge  
                   0x002 ticks on upper edge  
                   0x004 ticks in center  
                   0x008 inward ticks  
                   0x010 outward ticks  
                   0x020 labels on lower edge  
                   0x040 labels on upper edge  
                   0x080 full grid lines  
                   0x100 origin grid line   */  
  double tickOff, labelOff;  /* offsets in NDC from the edge of the  
                                viewport to the ticks or labels */  
  double tickLen(5);         /* tick lengths in NDC */  
  GpLineAttribs tickStyle, gridStyle;  
  GpTextAttribs textStyle;   /* alignment ignored, set correctly */  
  double xOver, yOver;       /* position for overflow label */  
structure, defined at i/style.i   line 669  

struct GaTickStyle {  
  GaAxisStyle horiz, vert;  
  int frame;  
  GpLineAttribs frameStyle;  
structure, defined at i/style.i   line 691  

struct GeLegendBox {  
  double x, y;              /* NDC location of this legend box */  
  double dx, dy;            /* if non-zero, offset to 2nd column */  
  GpTextAttribs textStyle;  /* font, size, etc. of these legends */  
  int nchars, nlines;       /* max number of characters per line, lines */  
  int nwrap;                /* max number of lines to wrap long legends */  
structure, defined at i/style.i   line 697  

struct GfakeSystem {  
  double viewport(4);    /* [xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax] in NDC coordinates */  
  GaTickStyle ticks;     /* tick style for this coordinate system */  
  string legend;         /* e.g.- "System 0" or "System 1" */  
structure, defined at i/style.i   line 705  

struct GpLineAttribs {  
  long color;     /* 255=bg 254=fg 253=b 252=w ...=rgb ...=cmy */  
  int type;       /* line types: 0=none 1=solid 2=- 3=. 4=-. 5=-..  */  
  double width;   /* 1.0 is normal width of a line (1/2 point) */  
structure, defined at i/style.i   line 642  

struct GpTextAttribs {  
  long color;       /* 255=bg 254=fg 253=b 252=w ...=rgb ...=cmy */  
  int font;         /* text font  
                       fonts: 0=courier 4=times 8=helvetica 12=symbol  
                              or with 1 for bold, 2 for italic */  
  double height;    /* character height in NDC, default 0.0156 (12pt)  
                       UNLIKE GKS, GIST font sizes are always specified  
                       in NDC.  This drastically simplifies coding for  
                       devices like X windows, which must load a font  
                       at each size.  It also conforms better with  
                       a Mac-like user interface in which font size  
                       in points is selected by the user.  */  
  int orient;          /* text orientation: 0=right 1=left 2=up 3=down  */  
  int alignH, alignV;  /* text alignments:  
                          alignH: 0=normal 1=left 2=center 3=right  
                          alignV: 0=normal 1=top 2=cap 3=half 4=base 5=bot */  
  int opaque;  
structure, defined at i/style.i   line 648