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builtin function, documented at i0/std.i   line 1597  
SEE bookmark  

             batch, 1  
             batch, 0  
     turns on, turns off, or tests for batch mode, respectively.  
     If yorick is started with the command line:  
        yorick -batch batch_include.i ...  
     then batch mode is turned on, the usual custom.i startup file is  
     skipped, and the file batch_include.i is parsed and executed.  The  
     -batch and batch_include.i command line arguments are removed from  
     the list returned by get_argv().  These must be the first two  
     arguments on the command line.  
     In batch mode, any error will terminate Yorick (as by the quit  
     function) rather than entering debug mode.  Also, any attempt to  
     read from the keyboard is an error.  
builtin function, documented at i0/std.i   line 2731  
SEE ALSO: process_argv,   get_argv,   set_idler  

             backup, f  
          or bmark= bookmark(f)  
             backup, f, bmark  
     back up the text stream F, so that the next call to the read  
     function returns the same line as the previous call to read  
     (note that you can only back up one line).  If the optional  
     second argument BMARK is supplied, restores the state of the  
     file F to its state at the time the bookmark function was  
     After a matching failure in read, use the single argument form  
     of backup to reread the line containing the matching failure.  
builtin function, documented at i0/std.i   line 1597  
SEE ALSO: read,   rdline,   open,   close