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          or mesh3(x,y,z, f1,f2,...)  
          or mesh3(xyz, f1,f2,...)  
          or mesh3(nxnynz, dxdydz, x0y0z0, f1,f2,...)  
     make mesh3 argument for slice3, xyz3, getv3, etc., functions.  
     X, Y, and Z are each 3D coordinate arrays.  The optional F1, F2,  
     etc. are 3D arrays of function values (e.g. density, temperature)  
     which have one less value along each dimension than the coordinate  
     arrays.  The "index" of each zone in the returned mesh3 is  
     the index in these cell-centered Fi arrays, so every index from  
     one through the total number of cells indicates one real cell.  
     The Fi arrays can also have the same dimensions as X, Y, or Z  
     in order to represent point-centered quantities.  
     If X has four dimensions and the length of the first is 3, then  
     it is interpreted as XYZ (which is the quantity actually stored  
     in the returned cell list).  
     If X is a vector of 3 integers, it is interpreted as [nx,ny,nz]  
     of a uniform 3D mesh, and the second and third arguments are  
     [dx,dy,dz] and [x0,y0,z0] respectively.  (DXDYDZ represent the  
     size of the entire mesh, not the size of one cell, and NXNYNZ are  
     the number of cells, not the number of points.)  
interpreted function, defined at i/slice3.i   line 66  
SEE ALSO: slice3,   xyz3,   getv3,   getc3