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interpreted function, defined at i/random.i   line 361  

interpreted function, defined at i/random.i   line 449  

             model= ipq_setup(x, u)  
          or model= ipq_setup(x, u, power=[pleft,prght])  
          or model= ipq_setup(x, u, power=[pleft,prght], slope=[sleft,srght])  
     compute a model for the ipq_compute function, which computes the  
     inverse of a piecewise quadratic function.  This function occurs  
     when computing random numbers distributed according to a piecewise  
     linear function.  The piecewise linear function is u(x), determined  
     by the discrete points X and U input to ipq_setup.  None of the  
     values of U may be negative, and X must be strictly increasing,  
     X(i)0 while SRGHT<0.  If either power is greater than or equal to  
     100, an exponential tail will be used.  As a convenience, you may  
     also specify PLEFT or PRGHT of 0 to get an exponential tail.  
     Note: ipq_function(model, xp) returns the function values u(xp) at  
     the points xp, including the tails (if any).  ipq_compute(model, yp)  
     returns the xp for which (integral from -infinity to xp) of u(x)  
     equals yp; i.e.- the inverse of the piecewise quadratic.  
interpreted function, defined at i/random.i   line 276  
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