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             orient3, phi, theta  
          or orient3, phi  
          or orient3, , theta  
          or orient3  
     Set the "orientation" of the object to (PHI,THETA).  "Orientations"  
     are a subset of the possible rotation matrices in which the z-axis  
     of the object appears vertical on the screen (that is, the object  
     z-axis projects onto the viewer y-axis).  The THETA angle is the  
     angle from the viewer y-axis to the object z-axis, positive if  
     the object z-axis is tilted toward you (toward viewer +z).  PHI is  
     zero when the object x-axis coincides with the viewer x-axis.  If  
     neither PHI nor THETA is specified, PHI defaults to -pi/4 and  
     THETA defaults to pi/6.  If only one of PHI or THETA is specified,  
     the other remains unchanged, unless the current THETA is near pi/2,  
     in which case THETA returns to pi/6, or unless the current  
     orientation does not have a vertical z-axis, in which case the  
     unspecified value returns to its default.  
     Unlike rot3, orient3 is not a cumulative operation.  
interpreted function, defined at i/pl3d.i   line 127  
SEE ALSO: rot3,   mov3,   aim3,   save3,   restore3,   light3,