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keyword,  defined at i/kepler.i   line 220  
SEE sch_planets  

             sch_planets, sch_moon  
  from "How to compute planetary positions",  
  by Paul Schlyter of Stockholm, Sweden  
  "Please note that the orbital elements of Uranus and Neptune as given  
  here are somewhat less accurate.  They include a long period perturbation  
  between Uranus and Neptune.  The period of the perturbation is about  
  4200 years."  
  After corrections in the case of the moon, jupiter, saturn, and uranus,  
  these are claimed to be accurate to under 1 arc minute for the inner  
  planets, about 1 arc minute for the outer planets, and 2 arc minutes  
  for the moon.  
keyword,  defined at i/kepler.i   line 220  

             xyz = moon(time)  
     return position XYZ of the moon relative to center of earth  
     at TIME; the XYZ has leading dimension 3; x is along the vernal  
     equinox, z is ecliptic north.  Corrections due to Schlyter (see  
     sch_planets) are applied.  Claimed accurate to under 1 arc minute  
     over some reasonable time.  TIME is in days since 0/Jan/00 (that is,  
     0000 UT 31/Dec/99).  This is 1.5 days earlier than the J2000 epoch.  
interpreted function, defined at i/kepler.i   line 342  
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