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             f = idl_open(filename)  
         or f = idl_open(filename, commons)  
    openb for an IDL save file  
    optional COMMONS is returned as an array of pointers to  
      arrays of strings; the first string in each array is the name  
      of an IDL common block; the others are the names of the  
      variables in that common block  
    all variable names have been converted to lower case  
    loud=1 keyword reports on timestamp and other information  
      about the user, host, etc., stored in the save file  
    floating complex data becomes an array of float with leading  
      dimension of 2, use f2z to recover complex  
    64 bit integers become an array of long with leading dimension  
      of 2, use l2ll to recover single long (if sizeof(long)=8)  
interpreted function, defined at i/idlsave.i   line 64  
SEE ALSO: openb,   f2z,   l2ll