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             mkhtmldoc         generate html documentation tree  
            mkhtmldoc, from=, to=, keywords=, packinfo= nosrc=, nofunc=   
   generates html documentation from yorick files in selected directories.  
   Without any arguments the subdirectories i0, i, and contrib  
   of Y_SITE are scanned for function definitions, and the documentation is   
   created in subdirectories of the current directory.  
   If specified, the  'from' keyword should be a string array of   
   directories to scan. The 'to' keyword can be used to set a   
   destination directory other than the current directory.  
   A keyword keywords= can be used to specify a file containing a list   
   of keywords from which to create a crude index. If not specified, and   
   if there is a file keywords.txt in the current directory, then that is   
   used. Likewise, the packinfo= can be used to specify a file containing   
   further information on some or all of the files in the source directories.  
   It defaults to packinfo.txt if not specified.   
   The keywords nosrc and nofunc, if non null cut out the slowest parts   
   of the document creation process - crossreferencing the source files,   
   and creating function pages. They can be useful when checking the   
   format of a source file without recreating the whole document set.  
   When source files do not match the formats mkhtmldoc is expecting,   
   warnings are printed to standard output, or to a file specified by  
   the warn keyword. Note that non-compliance with the expected format  
   is not necessarily an indication of errors in the source files - simply  
   that mkhtmldoc can't make sense of them. Generally, however, it is   
   far easier to make one's own files follow the format of the   
   yorick i0 files more closely than it is to modify mkhtmldoc   
   to cope with them.  
   The documentation tree is generated in seven stages.  
   1 - read through all the source files, extracting function names   
       extern declarations of builtin functions, and document comments  
   2 - reread the source files writing them out as preformatted html with   
       anchors for each function declaration and links to the (as yet   
       unwritten) function documentation  
   3 - for each source file, compile a series of html pages of the document   
       comments for the functions in that file. One html file is generated   
       for each first letter.    
   4 - compile a series of html pages for all the functions together, again  
       grouped into pages according to first letters.  
   5 - if a keywords file is available, match keywords in the document   
       comments, and compile a keyword index pointing to all the matched   
   6 - if a packinfo file is available, match source file names with   
       the packinfo file and compile a package list with the corresponding   
       descriptions. Alternatively, if a document comments appears near   
       the top of a source files, unattached to a function, this will be used  
   By default, mkhtmldoc, will create links to the yorick manual, but   
   it does nothing to the manual itself. To get the manual in the right place,   
   run texi2html on the texinfo file yorick.tex putting the files in  
   the 'manual' directory. To put an index bar at the top of each page  
   and set up a margin and background colours, run hdoc_wrap on the manual   
   eg, if you are creating the documentation in the current directory,   
   and Y_SITE is where yorick i installed, then   
   >   cp Y_SITE/doc/yorick.tex  manual  
   >   cd manual  
   >   texi2html yorick.tex  
   then in yorick,   
   >  hdoc_wrap, manual  
   So as not to overwrite carefully modified pages, the "home" link   
   on the indexbar points to index.html in the documentation directory, but   
   mkhtmldoc writes its template to index-raw.html.  
   This should be moved to index.html and edited by hand as necessary  
   KEYWORDS: keywords, packinfo, from, to, nosrc, nofunc  
interpreted function, defined at contrib/htmldoc.i   line 24  
SEE ALSO: mkdoc,   tagscan,   srcanchor