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             keybd_focus, on_off  
     By default, graphics windows set a window manager hint which  
     allows them to accept keyboard focus.  With ON_OFF zero, that  
     hint will not be set when a new graphics window is created.  
     This causes the window manager to refuse to offer keyboard  
     focus to the graphics window -- very desirable, since it can't  
     accept keyboard input anyway.  With fvwm, for example, this  
     means keyboard focus can stay in the terminal window even when  
     you are mouse zooming the graphics window.  However, many  
     window managers confuse colormap focus with keyboard focus, so  
     if you set the private=1 colormap in the window function, you  
     may not be able to convince the window manager to give the  
     graphics window colormap focus since it won't give it keyboard  
     focus.  Weird.  
builtin function, documented at i0/graph.i   line 1455