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             evolve, time1  
          or evolve, time1, time0  
     Step the hydro calculation forward to TIME1,  
     starting with the initial conditions in the  
     RT, z, and v arrays at time TIME0 (default 0.0  
     if omitted).  The calculation also depends on  
     the constants M (mass/area/zone) and gammaM1  
     (gamma-1 for the gamma-law equation of state).  
     The pressure array p is updated in addition to  
     the primary state arrays RT, z, and v.  
     Boundary conditions are specified by setting  
     either a boundary pressure or a boundary  
     velocity at each end of the fluid column.  
     bc0_v   - Boundary velocity at z(0), or []  
               if z(0) has pressure BC.  
     bc0_p   - Boundary pressure beyond z(0).  
     bc0_time  - If bc0_v or bc0_p is an array,  
                 bc0_time is an array of the same  
                 length specifying the corresponding  
                 times for time dependent BCs.  
     bc0_Z   - Acoustic impedance at z(0) if bc0_v  
               is nil (default is 0).  
     bcN_v, bcN_p, bcN_time, and bcN_Z have the same  
     meanings for the z(n_zones) boundary.  
     The worker routines OutputResults and  
     TakeStep must be supplied.  
interpreted function, defined at i/demo1.i   line 119