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Yeti (c) 2005

Yeti can be downloaded here

In short, Yeti features are (see QUICK REFERENCE in README file for a list of all Yeti functions):
* hash table objects
* regular expressions
* complex, real-complex and complex-real FFT by FFTW (the Fastest Fourier Transform in the West - version 2)
* wavelet filtering ("` trou" method)
* fast convolution along a chosen dimension with various border conditions
* more string functions
* memory hacking routines
* more math functions (sinc, round, arc)
* generalized matrix-vector multiplication (with possibly sparse matrix)
* routines to query/check Yorick's symbols
* support for reading TIFF images
* morpho-math operators
* ...

This distribution of Yeti comes with several plugins (depending whether corresponding directories exist or not):
* yeti - principal plugin (only requires Yorick 1.6)
* yeti_fftw - support for FFTW
* yeti_regex - support for POSIX regular expressions
* yeti_tiff - support for reading TIFF images

Hash tables:
h_cleanup - delete void members of hash table object
h_clone - clone a hash table
h_copy - duplicate hash table object
h_delete - delete members from a hash table
h_first - get name of first hash table member
h_get - get value of hash table member
h_has - check existence of hash table member
h_info - list contents of hash table
h_keys - get member names of a hash table object
h_list - make a hash table into a list
h_new - create a new hash table object
h_next - get name of next hash table member
h_pop - pop member out of an hash table object
h_restore_builtin - restore builtin functions
h_save_symbols - save builtin functions
h_set - set member of hash table object
h_set_copy - set member of hash table object
h_stat - get statistics of hash table object

Yeti Hierarchical Data (YHD) files (#include "yeti_yhdf.i"):
yhd_check - check version of YHD file
yhd_info - print some information about an YHD file
yhd_restore - restore a hash table object from an YHD file
yhd_save - save a hash table object into an YHD file

Regular expressions (#include "yeti_regex.i"):
regcomp - compile regular expression
regmatch - match a regular expression against an array of strings
regmatch_part - peek substrings given indices returned by regmatch
regsub - substitute regular expression into an array of strings

about - search for documentation
current_include - full path of currently parsed file
expand_path - expand directory names to absolute paths
get_path - the counterpart of set_path
heapsort - sort an array by heap-sort method
is_complex - check if an object is an array of complex value(s)
is_hash - check if an object is a hash table
is_integer - check if an object is an array of integer value(s)
is_list - check if an object is a list
is_matrix - check if an object is a 2-D array
is_numerical - check if an object is an array of numerical value(s)
is_pointer - check if an object is an array of pointer(s)
is_real - check if an object is an array of floating point value(s)
is_scalar - check if an object is a scalar array
is_sparse_matrix - check if an object is a sparse matrix
is_string - check if an object is an array of string(s)
is_vector - check if an object is a 1-D array
pretty_print_string_list - print out a list in columns
select_file - interactively select an existing file
select_item_in_string_list - interactively select an item in a list
set_alarm - invoke a callback function after some time
swap - exchange contents of two variables (n copy needed)
typeIDof - get type identifier of an object
unref - make a symbol temporary
yeti_init - setup Yeti internals

Memory hacking:
mem_base - get base address of an array object
mem_copy - copy array data at a given address
mem_info - print memory information
mem_peek - make a new array from a base address, type and dimension list
native_byte_order - compute native byte order

filepath - get full path of a file
chn_open - open, possibly compressed, file channel.
chn_seek - set i/o position for a channel.
chn_read - read data from a channel.
chn_rewind - go to beginning of a channel file.
chn_tell - get current i/o position into a channel.
chn_write - write data to a channel.

Binary encoding of data:
get_encoding - get description of binary encoding for various machines
install_encoding - install binary description into a binary stream
same_encoding - compare two encoding

arc - lengh of arc in radians
cost_l2 - cost function and gradient for l2 norm
cost_l2l0 - cost function and gradient for l2-l0 norm
cost_l2l1 - cost function and gradient for l2-l1 norm
machine_constant - get machine dependent constant (such as EPSILON)
mvmult - (sparse)matrix-vector multiplication
round - round to nearest integer
sinc - cardinal sine: sinc(x) = sin(pi*x)/(pi*x)
smooth3 - smooth an array by 3-element convolution
sparse_expand - convert a sparse 'matrix' array into a regular array
sparse_grow - augment a sparse array
sparse_matrix - create a new sparse 'matrix'
sparse_squeeze - convert a regular array into a sparse one
yeti_convolve - convolution along a given dimension
yeti_wavelet - "a trou" wavelet decomposition

strlower - convert array of strings to lower case
strtrim - remove leading/trailing spaces from an array of strings
strtrimleft - remove leading spaces from an array of strings
strtrimright - remove trailing spaces from an array of strings
strupper - convert array of strings to upper case

Yorick internals:
memory_info - display memory used by Yorick symbols
symbol_exists - check existence of a Yorick symbol
symbol_info - get some information about existing Yorick symbols
symbol_names - get names of Yorick symbols
nrefsof - get number of references of an object
get_includes - get list of all included files so far

window_geometry - get geometry of a Gist window

Morpho-math operations:
morph_black_top_hat - perform valley detection
morph_closing - perform morpho-math closing operation
morph_dilation - perform morpho-math dilation operation
morph_erosion - perform morpho-math erosion operation
morph_opening - perform morpho-math opening operation
morph_white_top_hat - perform summit detection

TIFF images (#include "yeti_tiff.i"):
tiff_open - open TIFF file
tiff_debug - control printing of TIFF warning messages
tiff_read_pixels - read pixel values in a TIFF file
tiff_read_image - read image in a TIFF file
tiff_read_directory - move to next TIFF "directory"
tiff_read - read image/pixels in a TIFF file
tiff_check - check if a file is a readable TIFF file.

FFTW (#include "yeti_fftw.i"):
fftw_plan - setup a plan for FFTW
fftw - computes FFT of an array according to a plan
cfftw - computes complex FFT of an array
fftw_indgen - generates FFT indices
fftw_dist - computes length of spatial frequencies
fftw_smooth - smooths an array
fftw_convolve - fast convolution of two arrays