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Yorick Cosmology contributions (c) Horizon 2005

Yorick is an interpreted programming language, designed for postprocessing or steering large scientific simulation codes. You will find here various contributions written with astronomy and cosmology in mind, embedded in the standard reference manual.  


Other sources of yorick information

This documentation was generated both from Horizon codes and from the manual, README files, and code documents of Yorick written by David H. Munro. Special thanks to Eric Thiebaut (who developped Yeti), Robert Cannon (who wrote the package to generate automatically this documentation) and Bastien Aracil for their contributions. This page is maintained by C. Pichon. Feel free to email me any contribution written in Yorick.

Yorick is free software, copyright of the Regents of the University of California.

last updated 24/09/2004. c. pichon.