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interpreted function, defined at ./cosmo.i   line 97  

   Same as IDL routine:  
   Given any two of the four input parameters  
      (1) the normalized matter density Omega_m  
      (2) the normalized cosmolgical constant, Omega_lambda  
      (3) the normalized curvature term, Omega_k  
      (4) the deceleration parameter q0  
   this program will derive the remaining two.  
   Here "normalized" means divided by the closure density  
   so that Omega_m + Omega_lambda + Omega_k = 1. For a more  
   precise definition see Caroll, Press, & Turner (1992, ArAA, 30, 499).  
   If less than two parameters are defined, this procedure sets default   
   values of Omega_k=0 (flat space), Omega_lambda = 0.7, Omega_m = 0.3  
   and q0 = -0.5 in these order (by avoiding parameter defined) until  
   two parameters are defined.  
   If more than two parameters are defined upon input (overspecification),   
   then the first two defined parameters in the ordered list Omega_m,   
   Omega_lambda, Omega_k, q0 are used to define the cosmology.  
      Omega_m     : Normalized matter energy density  
                    non-negative numeric scalar  
      Omega_lambda: Normalized cosmological constant  
                    numeric scalar  
      Omega_k     : Normalized curvature parmeter  
                    numeric scalar. This is  zero  
                    for a flat universe  
      q0          : Deceleration parameter  
                    numeric scalar  
                       = 0.5*Omega_m - Omega_lambda  
interpreted function, defined at ./cosmo.i   line 4