Astronomer at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris


Master 2:

Since 2007, with Herve Dole, Karim Benabed and Michel Dennefeld, I teach the Master 2 option, "Méthodologie: initiation aux observations et au traitement des données"; this course is described in detail on Herve Dole's page page. Students plan and execute observations at the Observatoire de Haute Provence, reduce the resulting data sets, analyse it and write it up. Since 2012, this has taken place during a dedicated week-long stay at OHP. this has taken place during a week-long stay OHP.

Since 2012, with Karim Benabed and Damien Leborgne, I've taught another M2 option, "methods numerique", where students learn to solve a variety of astrophyical problems using numerical methods.

Other teaching:

In addition to teaching carried described above as part as part of my duties at Paris VI, I have particpated as lecturer and tutor in many other schools of observational astronomy around the world: Pune, India (2007); Garching (2008); Tehran, Iran (2008); Calar Alto (2010), Xinlong Observatory, China. (2012) and Sofia, Bulgaria (2014). These schools are similar in format to our course at OHP but typically last much longer, usually at least two weeks.


Here is a copy of the current course I teach during the M2 option on photometry and photometric systems.

Student supervision:

Louis Legrand: 2017 (M2)

Louis carried out an abundance matching analysis in COSMOS.

Clotilde Laigle: 2013-2016 (PhD)

Clotilde studied the high-redshift universe with the UltraVISTA-DR2 data set and the Horizon-AGN hydrodynamical simulation.

Melody Wolk: 2010-2013 (PhD)

Melody completed her thesis in 2013 under the direction of myself and Stephane Colombi. Her thesis concerned galaxy clustering and the halo model,and in particular extensions of the halo model to higher order moments and the measurement of the stellar mass - halo mass relation to z~2.


In 2009, as part of the celebrations centred around the international year of astronomy, images we produced at TERAPIX were displayed on the walls of the RER-B at luxembourg metro station.

In 2011, the UltraVISTA images I prepared were subject of an ESO press release.

Public talks: I regularly give public talks aimed at the non-specialist.

Writing: On my blog I regularly write about science and astronomy. There are a few older articles on Lablit.

Interviews: A while ago, as part of an article about surveys of the universe, the french astronomy magazine "Ciel et espace" interviewed me about how I became an astronomer. Listen to the interview in (in french!) right here.