My blog on the spread of Covid-19

Article: Regional analysis of COVID-19 in France from fit of hospital data with different evolutionary models (13 May 2020, version 4: 17 June 2020; Résumé en français)

Presentation: Analysis of French COVID-19 hospital data with a SEAFHCDRO model (5 May 2020)

My thoughts on the spread of the pandemic A few things to know about the spread of COVID-19 (revised version of 2 April 2020)

Article in The Conversation (1 April 2020, in French, by André Klarsfeld, with charts from myself) Pour comprendre la pandémie, les courbes valent mieux que les avalanches de chiffres. Reproduced in weekly magazine La Tribune and monthly Santé Magazine.

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Progression in different countries: Data automatically extracted from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Total cumulative cases

New cases

Fraction of population having caught infection

Fraction of population having caught infection (time aligned)

Doubling time of total cases

Doubling time of total cases (aligned by time)

Total deaths

New deaths

Fraction of deceased population

Fraction of deceased population (aligned by time)

Doubling time of total deaths

TotalFatality rate

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