Pop III binary catalogues

Catalogues of Population III stellar binaries based on a semi-analytical model of merger tree-sampling (Hartwig et al. 2016 http://arxiv.org/abs/1603.05655) The data can be used as an input to study the binary stellar evolution of the first stars and their corresponding gravitational wave fingerprint. You can use the data freely by referring to the original publication of Hartwig et al. 2016. The three files contain the data for three different, logarithmically flat initial mass functions (IMFs), in the ranges of 1-100 Msun, 3-300 Msun, 10-1000 Msun. Each catalogue represents an individual, cosmologically representative realisation, which are calibrated to reproduce the ionisation history of the Universe. Additional information, such as the description of the columns in each file can be found in the README file.


PopIIIbinaries.tar.gzPop III binary catalogues
PopIIIbinaries_README.txt Supplementary information and column description