Structure of the ENTApP Management

In order to accomplish the objectives defined above, the network has a well-defined structure of the management. It is led by a Management Board and chaired by the network Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator.

Each Working Group elects a Leader acting as WG chairperson. The leaders may establish and consult an informal panel of experts and monitors the execution of assumed plans of action, ensure the free circulation of information among the various groups involved, follow up actions decided during meetings and establish activity reports. WG leaders participate in the meetings of the Board of Representatives. The Board meets about once a year whereas working groups will meet at least two times a year. Emphasis will be made on using e-mail, the web and other modern means of communication.

Current members of the Board of Representatives are:

  • Amand Fler
  • Gian Giudice
  • Kostas Kokkotas
  • Leszek Roszkowski (deputy)
  • Günter Sigl (Coordinator)