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Description and objectives of the activity

ENTApP is one of the Networking Activities (N6) of the ILIAS Integrated Infrastructures Initiative. Its objectives is to increase the level of European coordination and integration in the field of the Theoretical Astroparticle Physics, with a special focus on the areas of activity related to experimental programmes with high priority within ILIAS.

These activities include neutrinoless double beta decay, dark matter, gravitational waves research and related activities.These activities have a high discovery potential in the next few years and deserve special attention. To ensure the effectiveness and the impact of theoretical activity and of networking on the above subjects, related topics have also been taken into account. As far as gravitational waves are concerned, at present a big fraction of the relevant theory community is included in the related network activity within ILIAS (networking N5). Overlapping activities in this area will therefore be organized jointly.

The network intends to bring more coherence to the field, improve the exchange of information and expertise among theorists and foster links with relevant experimental groups in Europe on subjects of common interest such as enhancing experimental capabilities potential, planning future programmes and developing joint strategies for analyzing experimental data in terms of underlying theoretical models. In order to pave the way for the future of theoretical astroparticle physics in Europe, the network aims at outlining strategic goals for the field and at setting up more structural management of the research activity. It serves the purpose of bringing into closer cooperation groups and activities representing relevant subjects of strategic importance to fulfilling those goals. It conducts activities designed to attracting and training new generations of young researchers and students.

As far as the participation to the ENTApP activities is concerned, a certain number of Institutions in Europe appear as "Contractors", since they are signatories to the contract and contribute to the financial management and administration of the Project. However, in the spirit of producing a focused, coherent and integrated activity to improve the existing infrastructures and their operation as well as to organize and structure the scientific astroparticle commun ity, a large number of other Institutions appear as Participants to the Project. The list of Contractors and Participants to the ENTApP activities can be found clicking here.

The ENTApP network activity is based on three broad Work Packages, related to the following topics:

- WG1: Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Related Studies
- WG2: Dark Matter and Related Studies
- WG3: Gravitational Waves and Related Studies

Two additional types of activities are common to all work packages, namely:

1. Visitors program - Among the most effective ways of networking is a scheme of small-scale collaborative visits of the timescale of one to three weeks of individual and small teams. The idea is to implement the goals and objectives of the Work Packages and in particular to start new collaborations in connection with related activities within ILIAS. Calls will be issued periodically, and successful cases will be selected on a competitive basis.

2. Training Sessions - They are meant to provide an organized way of sharing expertise, as well as attracting and training new generations of young researchers and students involved in ILIAS. These sessions will address basically the new potential users of the deep underground laboratories and the gravitational waves infrastructures. It is currently envisaged that they would involve teams of order 10-20 participants and sessions lasting two to three days. These will be held in conjunction with professional workshops in order to improve the interaction of the trainees with the rest of the community. The Training sessions will be organized in parallel to other relevant International manifestations (Conference, Workshop…), in order to reduce the financial cost and to benefit from the presence of the world experts in various topics of interest.

For more information on these activities refer to incoming activities and to the individual Work Packages.

IMPORTANT! When you benefitted from ENTApP funds please put a sentence similar to the following one in the acknowledgements for your paper:
The author(s) would like to thank the European Network of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics ILIAS/N6 under contract number RII3-CT-2004-506222 for financial support.