Gravitational Waves

WG3: Gravitational Waves and Related Studies

Gravitational Waves are predicted to exist in all well-established theoretical framework, e.g. Einstein’s General Relativity Theory and its extensions. Current experimental sensitivity is approaching the level at which a signal from known astrophysical sources can be expected. Primordial gravitational waves from the Big Bang (e.g. from inflation) remain a challenge and a long-term target.


  • To coordinate current and new programs of analytical and numerical studies of potential sources of gravitational radiation, particularly those involving neutron stars and black holes.
  • To work out theoretical prediction templates, to be used by experimental teams for a better signal/noise separation in upcoming detectors of gravitational waves.
  • To develop links with the teams involved in the related activity in ILIAS (N5).
  • To support further integration of the theory groups involved in gravitational wave research with mother European centers of excellence.

The coordinator of this workpackage is Kostas Kokkotas.

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