Dark Matter

WG2: Dark Matter and Related Studies

Dark Matter constitutes about 30% of the critical density and less than some 10% of the Dark Matter may be baryonic. One of the most challenging issues in Astroparticle Physics is the identification of its nature. Different aspects of Dark Matter Physics cannot be considered without a broader context of underlying fundamental particle physics and of astrophysical and cosmological models and observations.


  • To develop coordination among European theory groups working in the area of Dark Matter and related areas of cosmology and particle physics.
  • To establish focus groups whose role will be to work out consensus on benchmark particle physics and astrophysics scenarios as a basis for further investigation.
  • To develop a coherent underlying framework for dark matter physics.
  • To support the development of joint theory-experimental activities whose purpose will be to perform detailed studies of experimental signatures for the set of benchmark models in the context of currently operating and planned detectors..
  • To foster the flow of information from related areas where progress may have a strong impact on the area of dark matter studies.

The coordinator of this workpackage is Leszek Roszkowski.

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