Extended Reviews
Nicolas Prantzos

Directeur de Recherche 2, C.N.R.S.
Institut d' Astrophysique de Paris

e-mail: prantzos@iap.fr


- N. Prantzos and R. Diehl, ``Radioactive 26Al in the Galaxy: Observations versus Theory'', 1996, Physics Reports, 267, 1-69 [PDF - 4.5MBytes]

- M. Arnould and N. Prantzos, ``Cosmic radioactivities'', 1999, New Astronomy, 4, 283-301 [PDF - 0.3MBytes]

- N. Prantzos, ``The role of Star Formation in the evolution of spiral galaxies'', invited paper to appear in Proc. of 33d ESLAB Symp. "Star formation from the small to the large scale" (F. Favata, A. Kaas and A. Wilson eds., ESA SP-445, 2000) [PDF - 0.5MBytes]

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