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The latest release of yorick is 1.6; the source code including all the latest patches as a gzipped tar file, extension .tgz. For MacIntosh MacOS 8 or 9, the latest functioning release is 1.4. For MacOS X, install the X11 Window System, and use the UNIX version of yorick-1.6.

Note that the UNIX gzip and tar archiving programs are available without charge for both MS Windows (7-zip or QuickZip, among many) and MacOS 8 or 9 ( MacGzip , suntar). On a UNIX platform, you can unpack a .tgz file with a command like this:

     gzip -dc yorick-1.6.02.tgz | tar xvf -

There are a few places at this site you cannot yet reach from these HTML documents. Here is a link to the top level directory so you can explore the whole tree.

Source distributions

  • yorick-1.6.02.tgz    latest yorick source distribution
  • yorick-z-1.1.tgz    yorick plugin to read and write png and jpeg files, interface to zlib compression library, and write mpeg movies
  • yorick-1.6-02-doc.tgz    complete yorick 1.6 documentation HTML format, including the user manual, quick reference sheets, all help comments (with hyperlinked cross references), package summaries, and hyperlinked function index pages

After you unpack the source distribution, detailed build instructions for UNIX (or MacOS X) are contained in the file yorick-1.6/README. For MS Windows, look in the yorick-1.6/win directory for MSVC project files, or for full UNIX functionality build yorick under cygwin (this will give you native Windows graphics, not X11).

Yorick configures itself and compiles on essentially every modern flavor of UNIX, including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Compaq OSF, SGI Irix, and HPUX. The only requirements are an ANSI C compiler (such as gcc) and the X Window System (such as XFree86). Additionally, yorick compiles under MSVC++ (version 6, before .net) on MS Windows machines, although the recommended way to build yorick on MS Windows is using cygwin.

Here are the final yorick-1.4 and 1.5 source distributions. These are obsolete, except for the MacIntosh distribution, which is the only version of yorick that will ever run under MacOS 8 or 9.

Prebuilt binary distributions

These include the yorick-z plugin (png, jpeg, zlib, and mpeg interface). You unpack the relocatable binary distributions with the command:
     gzip -dc yorick-1.6-02-your_system.tgz | tar xvf -
This produces a directory yorick-1.6-02; the yorick executable is yorick-1.6-02/bin/yorick. Read yorick-1.6-02/README for further instructions. The HTML-formatted documentation yorick-1.6-02-doc.tgz is designed to be unpacked into the yorick-1.6-02/doc directory with the command:
     gzip -dc yorick-1.6-02-doc.tgz | tar xvf -

Here is a directory where various other files relating to Linux, UNIX, and MacOS X yorick releases are archived. Note that there is a perl script called rpm2cpio which allows you to unpack rpm files on any UNIX platform. Similarly, .deb files may be unpacked anywhere using the UNIX ar utility.

MacIntosh MacOS 8 or 9 binaries

  • yorick-1.4.sea.bin    MacIntosh MacOS 8 or 9 PowerPC binary distribution.
  • gist-1.4.sea.bin    MacIntosh PowerPC gist CGM browser (always part of the UNIX distributions).
  • yorick-doc.sea.bin    complete documentation package (formatted differently than in binary distribution).

Yorick is open source software, copyright of the Regents of the University of California.

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