Cosmic Star-formation history from a non-parametric inversion of infrared galaxy counts.

(Le Borgne et al. 2009, accepted)

NEW : The "anaytical" model counts (infinite sky area) are available in various infrared bands, including Spitzer and Herschel.

NEW : The luminosity functions (infinite sky area) are available in Herschel bands as an IDL savefile (use "IDL>restore,'',/ver")

This section provides a fake source catalog for the empirical model described in (Le Borgne et al. 2009, arXiv:0901.3783) .

The fake source catalog corresponds to the empirically modeled total infrared luminosity function which provides the best global fit to the galaxy counts at 15, 24, 70, 160, and 850 microns.
The total sky area of the catalog is 10 square degrees. For each source, a random position on the sky is given (RA, DEC).

The fluxes are given for the following bands : ISO 15 microns, IRS 16 microns, MIPS 24 microns, MIPS 70 microns, MIPS 160 microns, PACS 70 microns, PACS 100 microns, PACS 160 microns, SPIRE 250 microns, SPIRE 350 microns, SPIRE 500 microns, SCUBA 850 microns.

The selection in fluxes for the catalog (either below the confusion limit or below the flux limits accessible from recent surveys or in a near-future: Herschel, Artemis, SPICA, SCUBA,...) is given in the ascii header.

The coverage of this catalog in the Redshift-LIR space, together with the flux limits adopted for the selection, is shown in this postscript file (assuming a "clipped" Chary & Elbaz (2001) SED library, see paper for details).

Catalog available for download (about 2 million sources):

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