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Journal-clubs of current year

Date Sujet Présenté par
16 november 2017 Gas-rich ultra-faint dwarf galaxies
ApJ 2017 A&A 2016 ApJ 2013
Elizabeth Adams
Netherland Inst. Radio Astronomy (ASTRON), Netherland
9 november 2017 From seed to supermassive: simulating the origin, evolution and impact of massive black holes Ricarda Beckmann
2 november 2017 Getting ready for JWST: new-generation spectral models and interpretation tools Jacopo Chevallard
19 october 2017 The birth of the giant: massive galaxies at the dawn of galaxy formation
ApJ 2016 Nature 2017 MNRAS 2014
Roberto Decarli
Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna, Italy
12 october 2017 Evolution of the cluster optical galaxy luminosity function in the CFHTLS: breaking the degeneracy between mass and redshift
Florian Sarron
21 september 2017 Signatures of the first stars from the near and far Jarrett Johnson
Center for Theoretical Astrophysics, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Etats-Unis
15 september 2017 Measurement of nearby galaxies' morphology by deep learning
Joint with journal-club Machine Learning
Nino Vieillard
1 september 2017 The [CII] emission as a universal molecular gas mass tracer in galaxies Anita Zanella
ESO, Garching, Germany
29 june 2017 The vertical distribution of supernovae in host disk galaxies Artur Hakobyan
Byurakan Astrophisical Observatory, Armenia
22 june 2017 Star formation quenching in gas-rich barred galaxies Sergey Khoperskov
GEPI, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
15 june 2017 Transitional galaxies across different environments Paulo Lopes
Obs. Valongo, Univ. Federal Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
8 june 2017 A new prescription for AGN feedback in the Semi-Analytic Galaxy Evolution model Mojtaba Raouf
Inst. Theoretical Physics Mathematics (IPM), Tehran, Iran
1 june 2017 Reverse engineering galaxies: the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample (LARS) John Cannon
Dept. Physics and Astronomy, Macalaster College, Saint Paul, Minnessota, USA
18 may 2017 Star formation and the interstellar medium in dwarf galaxies Thorsten Naab
Max Planck Inst. Astrophysics, Garching, Germany
11 may 2017 The Milky Way as an M* galaxy: mass growth and quenching
A&A 2016 A&A 2013
Misha Haywood
GEPI, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
20 april 2017 Group density profiles out to ten virial radii Marina Trevisan
6 april 2017 Cosmological constraints from shear peaks with KiDS Nicolas Martinet
Argelander-Inst. Astronomie, Univ. Bonn, Germany
30 march 2017 How hot is a relativistic jet? Vincenzo Antonuccio-Delogu
INAF, Oss. Astron. Catania, Italia
23 march 2017 Can we use deep learning to build a likelihood? Jean-Marc Delouis
9 march 2017 AGN Feedback in gas-rich galaxies Alex Wagner
IAP, Center Computational Sciences, Tsukuba Univ., Japan
2 march 2017 Signatures of intermittency in small and large-scale turbulent flows Pierre Guillard
23 february 2016 Radio emission as proxy to supermassive black hole accretion history in powerful type 2 AGN Guillaume Drouart
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Curtin Univ., Perth, Australia
9 february 2017 Cool core cyles: cold gas and AGN feedback in galaxy clusters Arif Babul
Dept. Astronomy, Univ. Victoria, Canada
26 january 2017 Cosmic web analysis in the SDSS main galaxy sample and implications for galaxy colors Florent Leclercq
Inst. Cosmology Gravitation (ICG), Univ. Portsmouth, Royaume-Uni

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