iCalendar files for IAP scientific activities

iCalendar (ics) files generated automatically from information collected at
http://www.iap.fr/science/conferences/conferences_mensuelles/conferences.php and

To use them, and keep them up to date, you can either

For each calendar, "Demo of *.ics" will display the content of the iCalendar file
in an external web calendar (this may take a few seconds to show up).

These files have been checked with format validators (here and there)
and tested successfully on Apple's Calendar (MacOSX/iOS), Microsoft Outlook (Windows),
Lightning add-on to Thunderbird (available on all platforms) and Google Calendar
(within the limitations of each of these applications).
Contact me (hivon at iap dot fr) if you still have problems with them.

Note 1: the files shown here only contains same-month and future events.
Older events are discarded at each update.

Note 2: some calendar files may be void of events.

Latest update on 2022-07-04 at 19:23:21 Paris time

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IAP Seminars Colloquia - Fridays 11:00 (2 events)

GReCO Seminars - Mondays 11:00 (2 events)

Journal Clubs

Universe - Tuesdays 11:15 (no event)

Galaxies - Thursdays 11:30 (4 events)

High Energy - Thursdays 13:30 (no event)

Icap - last Thursday of the month 15:30 (3 events)

Doctorants - Thursdays 17:00 (1 event)


Advanced Lectures (no event)


PhD Thesis Defenses (6 events)

HDR Thesis Defenses (no event)

Colloquia & Workshops

IAP colloquium (1 event)

Workshops (no event)

Conférences publiques en français

Conférences publiques, le 1er ou 2ème mardi du mois à 19h30 (3 dates prévues)

News from Next Door(s)

Observatoire de Paris Seminars (includes ics files)

Observatoire de Paris Seminars (no ics)

Institut Lagrange de Paris Events (no ics file provided)

Astro-particules et Cosmologie (APC) Colloquia/Seminars & Workshops/Conferences   (where have all the ics files gone?)

Serveur des Seminaires Parisiens (SEMPARIS) aggregates (almost) all Paris area seminars (also generates seminars ics files for the institute(s) of your choice)

Seminars   Journal Clubs   Courses   Defenses   Colloquia  Conférences Publiques  Next Door

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Latest update on 2022-07-04 at 19:23:21 Paris time