Selected recent talks by Gary Mamon

MIT Astrophysics colloquium Cambridge MA, USA September 2011 How do galaxies acquire their mass, and is the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation a threat to Newtonian graviy in a LCDM Universe?
Workshop on Phase Space: Collisionless Gravitational Dynamics Marseille, France November 2009 Several astronomical problems solved by calibrating the distribution in projected phase space with cosmological simulations
Meeting on Unveiling the Mass: Extracting and Interpreting Galaxy Masses Kingston, ON, Canada June 2009 New mass modeling techniques based on kinematics
Meeting on Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature vs. Nurture Granada, Spain May 2009 The nature & properties of compact groups of galaxies from cosmological simulations
Royal Astronomical Society Meeting London, UK December 2008 Extreme galaxy systems or optical illusions? The nature of compact groups of galaxies