A suite of C-shell scripts
to rapidly extract astronomical bibliographical data
directly from the terminal (shell)
without typing fields in a Web browser

  • getads (csh script for automatic ADS article extraction and printing) [version 5.1.4, 18 July 2022] Bug fix on getads -help

  • getadsbibtex (csh script for automatic extraction of BibTeX output(s) for given author(s) and years, using ADS) [version 4.0.8, 6 Mar 2020] Now handles new ADS format!

  • getadsabs (csh script for automatic extraction of ADS abstracts) [version 2.0.3, Jan 2020] Now handles new ADS format!

  • getadsall (csh script for automatic extraction of full ADS information) [version 2.1.1, Jan 2020] New script for new ADS format!

  • getadscits (csh script for automatic ADS citation extraction) [version 7.4, Dec 2021] Now handles new ADS format (updated default weight matrix + queries by ORCID #)!

  • addhirsch (csh script for adding Hirsch information to the getadscits output)

  • getadstopabs (csh script for automatic extraction of ADS abstracts with highest author impact) [version 2.0.2] New script for new ADS format!

  • whocitespaper (csh script for automatic view of citations of given article) [version 1.0] New script!

    getastroph (csh script to access arXiv) is no longer supported, but getads now accesses arXiv.

    To run these scripts (the first time), you must:

    1. Save them onto your disk with your Web browser, in a directory that lies in your path.
    2. Make them executable (chmod ugo+x filename).
    3. Type rehash.
    4. These scripts use the ADS token. If you do not have one, do the following:
      1. go to the relevant ADS page and follow the instructions: create an account and generate a token.
      2. Insert in your $HOME/.tcshrc the line setenv ADSTOKEN [value-they-send-you].
      3. (Once:) type source ~/.cshrc to have your system remember the value of ADSTOKEN.
    5. For instructions on how to use each script, type filename -help

    These scripts require that curl and jq are installed on your system.

    Please acknowledge use in your papers.

    Report bugs to

    Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to email me.