A suite of C-shell scripts
to rapidly extract astronomical bibliographical data
without typing fields in a Web browser

  • getastroph is no longer supported, since no longer accepts shell script access.
  • getads (csh script for automatic ADS article extraction and printing) [version 4.7.5, Jan 2017 New:fixed bug with Q option]

  • getadsbibtex (csh script for automatic extraction of BibTeX output(s) for given author(s) and years, using ADS) [version 3.72, Dec 2016] New! better arXiv output, now with curl

  • getadsabs (csh script for automatic extraction of ADS abstracts)

  • getadscits (csh script for automatic ADS citation extraction) [version 6.63, January 2011 replaced lynx URL retrieval by wget]

  • addhirsch (csh script for adding Hirsch citation statistics to getadscits output files) [version 1.0, September 2007]

  • citesyrstats (csh script for subdividing getadscits citation statistics into separate years) [version 1.1, July 2008]

  • getadscitsstats (csh script for generating tables of getadscits global statistics on the different outputs of a given directory [version 1.1, January 2008]

  • getadstopabs (csh script for automatic extraction of ADS abstracts with highest getadscits-normalized citations) [version 1.02, March 2007]

  • mergecites (csh script for merging outputs of getadscits) [version 1.2, December 2002]

  • adsjournals (csh script for obtaining delay with which journals send their reference lists to ADS) [version 1.1, Jun 2004]

    To run these scripts (the first time), you must:

    1. Save them onto your disk with your Web browser, in a directory that lies in your path
    2. Make them executable (chmod ugo+x filename)
    3. Type rehash
    4. For instructions on how to use each script, type filename -help

    These scripts require that the lynx Web browser be installed on your system, with version greater or equal to 2.5, except for getads, which now uses curl, and getadsbibtex, which now uses wget.

    getadstopabs requires getadsabs.

    Please acknowledge use in your papers.

    Report bugs to

    Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to email me.