16:00-20:00 Registration
MONDAY JULY 4 / MORNING   Chairperson: D. Weinberg
8:00   Registration
9:30 G. Mamon Welcome
9:40 A. Dekel R Dark halos & galaxy formation
10:10 A. Nusser C Self-similar collapse with non-radial motions
10:30 P. Shapiro C Understanding the equilibrium structure of CDM halos
10:50   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
11:20 J. Navarro R Halos in dissipationless cosmological simulations
11:50 T. Fukushige C Structure of dark matter halos from hierarchical clustering
12:10 Y. Hoffman C An experimental approach to halo formation: constrained simulations
12:30 R. Mohayaee C Caustics in dark matter halos
12:50   Lunch
MONDAY JULY 4 / AFTERNOON   Chairperson: C. Pichon
14:30 B. Moore R Cold dark matter substructure
15:00 S. Gottloeber C Halo shape and its relation to environment
15:20 C. Power C Kinematic structure of cold dark matter haloes
15:40   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
16:10 S. Hansen C A universal density slope - velocity anisotropy relation
16:30 D. Aubert C Accretion by dark matter haloes
16:50 A. Zentner C Halo shapes and the anisotropic distribution of CDM satellites
17:10   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
18:00 L. Vigroux The IAP medal award to Sandy Faber
18:10 S. Faber The cosmic foundations of intelligent life
19:00   End of session
19:15   Cocktail at the Observatory
TUESDAY JULY 5 / MORNING   Chairperson: R. Dominguez-Tenreiro
9:15 J. Taylor C Halo mergers in phase space
9:35 S. White R The evolution of simulated dark halos
10:05 H.-J. Mo C The growth and structure of dark halos in the cosmic web
10:25 E. Salvador-Solˇ C The evolution & origin of the density profile of dark halos
10:45   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
11:15 A. Jenkins C Halo mass function at high precision and high redshift
11:35 A. Klypin R Cosmological simulations with gas: recovering density from rotation curves
12:05 O. Gnedin I Dark matter mass profiles after adiabatic contraction
12:30 S. Kazantzidis C The effect of gas cooling on the shapes of dark matter halos
12:50   Lunch
TUESDAY JULY 4 / AFTERNOON     Chairperson: T. Thuan
14:30 S. McGaugh R Constraints on the mass profiles of spiral galaxies
15:00 P. Salucci I The distribution of dark matter in spiral galaxies
15:25 E. Hayashi C Hiding cusps in cores: dynamics of disk galaxies in nonaxisymmetric potentials
15:45 O. Valenzuela C The shape and amplitude of rotation curves in galaxy formation simulations
16:05   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
16:35 O. Gerhard R The mass distribution of the Milky Way
17:05 R. Ibata I Panoramic studies of Andromeda: the exquisite details of a spiral galaxy
17:30 F. Combes R Polar ring galaxies and warps
18:00   End of session
WEDNESDAY JULY 6 / MORNING     Chairperson: M. Balcells
9:30 M. Wilkinson R The internal kinematics of Local Group dwarf spheroidal galaxies
10:00 E. Lokas I Dark matter distribution in the Draco dwarf
10:25 A. Romanowsky R Elliptical galaxy halo masses from internal kinematics
10:55   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
11:25 M. Cappellari C Dark matter in the central regions of early-type galaxies
11:45 N. Napolitano C Mass-to-light ratio gradients in early-type galaxy haloes
12:05 F. Stoehr C Dark-matter haloes in elliptical galaxies: lost and found
12:25 G. Mamon I Kinematical & dynamical modeling of elliptical galaxies
12:50   End of session
12:50   Lunch
Wednesday Afternoon free
THURSDAY JULY 7 / MORNING     Chairperson: B. Fort
9:00 C. Kochanek R Early type galaxy halos: homogeneous or heterogeneous?
9:30 D. Valls-Gabaud C Non-parametric mass profiles of a unique elliptical at z = 1
9:50 H. Hoekstra R Properties of dark matter halos from weak galaxy-galaxy lensing
10:20 T. Brainerd C Flattening of field galaxy halos
10:40   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
11:10 L. Koopmans I Massive ellipticals: joint constraints from lensing & dynamics
11:35 F. Prada R Dark matter halos from satellite dynamics
12:05 M. Arnaboldi C Intracluster stars tracing motions in nearby clusters
12:25 A. Zabludoff C Spheroids on steroids
12:45   Lunch
THURSDAY JULY 4 / AFTERNOON     Chairperson: A. Mazure
14:30 A. Biviano R Tracing the mass profiles of galaxy systems with member galaxies
15:00 T. Ponman R Dark matter and baryons in galaxy groups
15:30 M. Arnaud R The mass profiles of clusters from X-ray observations
16:00   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
16:30 D. Neumann C Tracing galaxy clusters beyond r200
16:50 D. Buote R The shapes of ellipticals and the inner mass profiles of clusters
17:20 H. Boehringer C X-ray studies of galaxy cluster structure
17:40 F. Durret C Relaxed and unrelaxed clusters of galaxies seen in X-rays
18:00   End of session
19:30   Conference dinner     Le Train Bleu
FRIDAY JULY 8 / MORNING     Chairperson: M. Ulmer
9:30 T. Broadhurst R Strong lensing constraints on the mass profiles of galaxy clusters
10:00 R. Gavazzi C Projection effects in cluster mass estimates: the case of MS2137
10:20 Y. Mellier R Weak lensing constraints on the mass profiles of clusters
10:50   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
11:20 R. B. Tully C Observations of infall and caustics
11:40 D. Clowe C Constraints on the existence & nature of dark matter from interacting clusters of galaxies
12:00 A. Beloborodov I Orbital roulette: a new method of mass estimation
12:25 M. Moniez I The OSER project
12:50   Lunch
FRIDAY JULY 4 / AFTERNOON     Chairperson: D. Sudarsky
14:30 M. Cassˇ R Light dark matter
15:00 C. Goldbach R Direct detection of non-baryonic dark matter
15:30 S. Carroll R Can modified gravity replace dark matter?
16:00   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
16:30 M. Milgrom I MOND as modified inertia
16:55 R. Sanders (for J. Bekenstein) R Relativistic MOND gravitation
17:25 R. Woodard I Non-local covariant formulations of MOND
17:50   End of session
SATURDAY JULY 9 / MORNING     Chairperson: J. Moffat
9:00 R. Sanders R Cosmology and MOND
9:30 A. Knebe C Galactic haloes in MONDian cosmological simulations
9:50 S. Turyshev I The Pioneer anomaly & its astrophysical implications
10:15 M. Reuter I Do we observe quantum gravity effects at galactic scales?
10:40   Coffee/Tea/Poster break
11:10 A. Lue C Braneworlds & beyond: cosmic acceleration, superacceleration & modified gravity
11:30 A. Arbey C Dark energy vs. dark matter: is unification possible?
11:50 S. White (chair) Panel discussion
12:40 G. Mamon Concluding remarks
12:45   End of meeting