I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris where I have joined the group on cosmology and large-scale structure (Grandes structures et univers profond) as a member of the SPIN(E) collaboration. After graduating in physics from Heidelberg University, I moved to the University of St Andrews where I obtained my PhD degree in 2011. Before coming to France, I held a Minerva Fellowship from the Max Planck Society at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. Learn more about me and my research below.

A complete version of my CV will soon be available here


My current research interests lie within the area of gravitation and cosmology. In particular, my work has been focusing on the following topics:

  • Large-scale structure of the Universe
  • Gravitational lensing
  • Nature of dark matter and dark energy
  • Statistical methods in physics
  • Modified gravity theories
  • Observational probes of gravity


To view a current list of my publications on the arXiv preprint server, please use this link. Alternatively, you can retrieve my publications sorted on the NASA ADS according to citation counts from here.
If you are interested, you may also download my diploma thesis and my PhD thesis as pdf files.

Below you can find selected publications with a brief description of their scientific content. For more detailed information, simply click on the images to access the corresponding arXiv preprints.


New estimates of cosmic growth

Spatial modulations in the observed luminosity distribution of galaxies probe the cosmic peculiar velocity field out to large distances. This can be harnessed to constrain the growth rate of linear density perturbations, complementing bounds obtained from redshift-space distortions.


Probing "super-survey" scales

Radial motions generated from mass fluctuations outside the volume of a given galaxy redshift survey introduce additional redshift-space anisotropies. These are more pronounced at larger distances from the survey center, thus offering clues to the nature of mass fluctuations on scales larger than the actual survey volume.


Martin Feix
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